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OGWhatsApp Android 6.75
about 2 years ago

Even if your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version with all the improvements included in 2017 or 2018, we still think that you should know what OGWhatsApp is all about. You should be interested because it's a mod for the most downloaded and used instant messaging and chat application in the world with over a billion active users. What it does is implement a series of improvements over the original application so that we can chat and send messages with certain advantages.

But before we continue, you should know that you can download and use this APK without any fears: nobody is going to cancel your WhatsApp account or steal your user data, whether your personal details or the information you share with your contacts. Everything is perfectly safe... or that's at least what its developer says.

What does this WhatsApp mod offer us that makes it different?
Together with WhatsApp Plus, this is definitely the most downloaded and used mod to provide our Android version of the application with more functions. The latter include all the following:

Possibility to use two WhatsApp accounts with different numbers on the same phone.
More themes to customize the application.
Longer status messages.
Possibility to hide notifications.
Option to send larger videos, images, and audios: up to 50 MB.
Set passwords to be able to access certain chats.
Support to send more types of file formats, such as eBooks for instance.
We can hide our connection status.
Possibility to send unzipped images, preserving their original quality.
New emojis.
Backups and data recovery.
Preview images and videos without downloading them.
One of the reasons why this mode is a favorite amongst many users has to do with its privacy. It allows us to take control over what other users can see or not see, such as whether we're online or not, our reception and message read checks, the possibility to hide the status of recording voice messages...

Together with the possibility to customize the aspect of the interface and a greater flexibility to share files, it's one of the best options for any user who doesn't want to stick to the original WhatsApp development.


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